simmer 3.6.5

The fifth update of the 3.6.x release of simmer, the Discrete-Event Simulator for R, is on CRAN. This release extends the attributes API by allowing users to set/get multiple attributes at once (a pretty straightforward change as well as useful; I don’t know why it didn’t occurred to me before…). Vectors as attributes and other data types are not supported yet, but they are on the roadmap.

This version also fixes some minor bugs (many thanks to the users of the simmer-devel mailing list for taking their simulations to edge cases, where these bugs arise), deprecates the onestep() function and provides the new stepn() instead. Since onestep() serves primarily for debugging purposes, the transition to the new one may go unnoticed. Finally, there is a new vignette about the Dining Philosophers Problem.

New features:

  • set_attribute() (and set_global() by extension) can set multiple attributes at once by providing vectors of keys and values (or functions returning such keys and/or values). get_attribute() (and get_global() by extension) can retrieve multiple keys (#122).
  • New stepn() method deprecates onestep() (e452975).

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Restore ostream after formatting (9ff11f8).
  • Fix arrival cloning to copy attributes over to the clone (#118).
  • Fix self-induced preemption through set_capacity() (#125).
  • Update “Queueing Systems” vignette (a0409a0, 8f03f4f).
  • Update “Advanced Trajectory Usage” vignette (4501927).
  • Fix print methods to return the object invisibly (#128).
  • New “Dining Philosophers Problem” vignette (ff6137e).
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